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If you have questions about how to use matroska, may be interested to join the development team, have some other contribution to the project or if you plan to support matroska in your video encoding/editing software, here is how to talk to us:


Question? Have something you would like to add? Feel free to email us directly:

Mailing Lists:

matroska User ML:

matroska General ML:

matroska Development ML:

matroska CVS ML:

Please make sure to first use the mailing list archive's search function. There are many questions that have been asked and answered, and you might find a solution to your problem there as well. Thank you.

To subscribe to these mailing lists go here:

IRC (Internet Relay Chat):

Our developers meet on an IRC channel on, channel #matroska

Social Networks

You can join the official Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter

UseNet (newsgroup):

All matroska Mailing lists are accessible (read and reply) via the mail to NNTP interface of also:

news:// (if this link doesnt work with your newsreader try to add as newsserver manually in your newsreader setup)

matroska groups are: gmane.comp.multimedia.matroska.xxxxx

Project Page:

The SourceForge pages allow you to submit bug reports or request new features.