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  • Matroska DirectShow Filter (v0.3.0), this file will allow you to play matroska files in any good DirectShow host.
    There are some limitations in the filter : seeking is not possible (we'll fix that ASAP), you can't retrieve information being played.
  • VirtualDubMod (v1.5.1.1a), this is the first official build of the popular Windows video editing tool.
    It already supports all the basic features to mux data into matroska.
  • The Core Media Player (Matroska Edition), this is a new version of the popular windows player with support for reading matroska files (.mkv and .mka).
    It includes the matroska DirectShow in the package.
  • mpa2mka (Win32 build), a command line tool to remux any MPEG Audio file in a matroska audio file (.mka).
  • wav2mka (Win32 build), a command line tool to remux a RIFF/WAV file with any codec into a matroska audio file (.mka).
  • MKVtoolnix, Moritz Bunkus has created these command line tools under Unix to create audio and video matroska files.
    The result is really great and as powerful as VirtualDubMod if not more.
  • MPlayer, Moritz Bunkus has also created a patch to the developement build of this popular UNIX video player to play audio and video matroska files.
    So far it is the only player to support seeking in matroska ! Get instructions on how to build it for your machine on his site (requires CVS).
  • libebml + libmatroska (v0.4.1), these packages contain the sources of the library to read/write matroska files.
    There is also a version for UNIX editors of libebml and libmatroska.
    The library is written in standard C++ and can be compiled on many platforms. It has been tested under MSVC6, Linux GCC 3.2, Linux GCC 2.95, GCC 3.1-Darwin (Max OSX). It is licensed under a dual QPL-GPL license.


The matroska project was created on SourceForge, based on previous work done on MCF container. It's the official birth date of matroska. Here is the original post that created the split between the 2 projects.