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DVD Conversion

by using the following DVD conversion /MPEG Encoding programs :

(Convert X-to-DVD on

DVD Santa 4.0

The matroska container, because of its very advanced features, is being widely used for content distribution today, especially for hi-quality anime with animated subtitles (fansubs). However, as there are still no standalone hardware player units in the market today which are able to play MKV files, we receive a lot of requests on how to be able to convert MKV files into VCD/S-VCD or DVD files. This is generally speaking not an easy task, as the MKV container is the most powerful multimedia container today, offering support for a huge variety of different audio, video and subtitles formats in a single MKV file. As VCDs are limited to MPEG1 compression only, and S-VCDs and DVDs require MPEG2 compression at least for the video tracks, this conversion is only possible with a MPEG encoder. While there are many MPEG encoders out there, the most well known probably being TMPG Encoder, most of them do not offer a suitable interface to read in MKV files, but are limited to AVI files or other MPEG files.

The programs listed above will offer the comfort of reading (most) MKV files directly, and will allow to convert them either directly into DVDs (X-to-DVD, DVD Santa) or into DVD compatible MPEG2 program streams (VLC) which can then be processed into DVDs by using suitable DVD editor programs, such as Ahead Nero and others. This will spare you the time consuming and in most cases unsuccessful process of trying to convert MKV files into AVI files first, for converting your favourite movies into DVDs. Bear in mind, many MKVs today CAN NOT be converted into AVI files without substantially altering the audio and video information in the container, as MKV has been invented to overcome most of AVIs limitations and can thus hold audio and video streams which are simply incompatible with good old AVI container.

Notes :

This page is about to be changed a lot, as right now more and more DVD conversion programs will finally add MKV reading capabilities to their products. However, as our team is more than busy to further develop MKV and to add more and more features to the creation and playback tools, it should be clear that our focus can not be on developing means to convert MKV files into other, in some way competing, video and audio formats. These pages must therefore be seen as a 'service' to all the MKV users out there, also for those of them who didn't deliberately decide to use our container, but were given a MKV file from somebody else, and without notes on how to convert these files into a DVD or any other video format.

For this very reason, we are always more than happy if we get approached from makers or supporters of MKV-to-DVD conversion programs, or independant video support sites, offering us guides in HTML or (preferred) X-HTML format which we can link to or upload to our website. Please email me to chris AT matroska DOT org if you would like to get listed here, including a link to your preliminary Guide for checking.